Terri Estes

Gallery works include wisteria vine and reed baskets, pet and people portraits in graphite, oil and acrylic paintings, crocheted Christmas ornaments, quilted hangings,..(Terri is a talented and busy lady!)

One of my first memories as a child, was observing the sun coming through the stained glass windows at church, then trying to make my own “colored windows” by drawing with crayons on the window screens in my bedroom windows (my Mother was not amused). So began my love of drawing and life as an artist.

As an adult I still love to draw, and paint. No matter what I do in life I always come back to drawing and painting. I went back to college in my 30’s to study accounting, and walked away with a degree in Fine Art. I worked as a cake decorator for a decade, once again a career that used my artistic skills. After college I started working as a graphic designer, a profession I still enjoy today.